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New Dean Leads Curriculum at Jack Welch Management Institute

portrait of Craig ClawasonCraig J. Clawson, MBA, Ph.D., knows management. The new dean of curriculum at the Jack Welch Management Institute directed and taught teams and executives while working as a managing director at Duke Corporate Education and inspired students while teaching at The University of Chicago and Brigham Young University. A family guy at heart, and a fluent speaker of Italian (perfected during a two-year mission to the country in his younger years), he is now working to ensure that JWMI’s comprehensive curriculum prepares students for success.

What attracted you to this job?

The opportunity to make a difference in students’ lives. This institute can revolutionize education. We are set up to move forward in modern ways. I’m also here because of the opportunity to help shape Jack Welch’s legacy. He’s full of energy and passion about business and about education. He’s very involved.

What are your goals?

To make the curriculum engaging, relevant, and impactful. Students will come out with concrete tools they can use right away that will help them succeed. We’re constantly updating the curriculum and we will continue to do that and be the best educational program out there.

How do you ensure classes prepare students to meet employers’ needs?

We have an incredible network that includes senior leadership at companies around the world. We call them our “experts of practice.” It’s one of the most differentiating things about our program. We’re making sure students learn things that are really relevant. The only way to truly know what students need to know is to have that experience in the trenches. Our experts do.

Speaking of the trenches, are there advantages to working while going to school?

Yes. You learn better when you can apply knowledge right away. By nature we want to learn, and we live in a world that requires us to learn. But when we talk about learning we’re not just talking about accessing information. We’re talking about applying it. Practicing it. What we do in our program is help students work through this process.

So this curriculum should really prepare students?

In order to succeed, you have to be able to handle change. We teach students how to be prepared to adapt and adjust. That’s important to me personally, as well. The business field is now more competitive than it has ever been. And knowledge is becoming ever more available these days—employers are offering more learning at work, for instance. The whole concept of the classroom is being flipped. Our online program gives us so many opportunities to do technologically interesting things. I think our students will be able to succeed, and ultimately win. That’s Jack’s mantra. And I believe it, too.



New Social Media Marketing Concentration Helps Strayer Students Make an Impact Online

illustration: spiral of social media icons

A new concentration in Social Media Marketing in the undergraduate School of Business will provide answers to those questions and many more, giving students the ability to promote their company’s brand online in a powerful way.

Here are some common questions from students considering the social media concentration:

Q: What is the difference between social media marketing and traditional marketing?

A: Traditional marketing is typically focused on communicating through mediums such as television, radio, newspapers and billboards. Social media marketing is made up of avenues within the internet, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and others that communicate directly with the consumer. These avenues are appealing as they open up a two-way communication stream between consumer and company.

Q: How will the social media courses be different than other marketing courses?

A: This program is a hands-on and application-based environment where students will apply their understanding of concepts through weekly activities. Students will gain a deep understanding of the social media landscape, including setting-up and interacting in various social media platforms. Students will also learn how to analyze web traffic, tailor social media strategies and campaigns and measure return on investment for employers.

Q: Why should I choose this concentration?

A: The skills taught in the social media concentration are in high demand. In 2014, LinkedIn listed Social Media Marketing in its Top 25 Most In-Demand Career Skills and shows a 1,357% increase in the number of social media positions posted on the site since 2010. 73% of Fortune 500 companies are on Twitter and 66% have a presence on Facebook.

Learn more about Strayer University’s new social media marketing concentration.



Words of Wisdom at 2015 Commencement Ceremonies

Strayer University’s regional commencement ceremonies provide an excellent venue for graduates to celebrate their achievements with family and friends. Each ceremony also offers the opportunity for graduates to hear from special guests—keynote speakers who provide words of congratulations, encouragement and wisdom. Here are highlights from this year’s ceremonies:

steve harvey speaking at graduation

Above: Steve Harvey

May 16
1,000 graduates at the Georgia Dome, Atlanta, Ga.

“What you’ve accomplished today alone puts you in a whole another category. I don’t know if this is your first time going to college, I don’t know if you were told you weren’t going to be nothing, I don’t know if this is a comeback, I don’t know if you’ve been written off time and time again. I don’t know how many times you failed and stumbled and didn’t get it right. But today, you fixed it. You got it right today.”

—Steve Harvey, TV Host and Entertainer

June 27
1,200 graduates at the Verizon Center, Washington, D.C.

charles Mann speaking at graduation

Above: Charles Mann

“I was inspired to go back to college after watching my daughter walk on her graduation day, because, despite feeling immense pride in her accomplishments, I regretted never finishing my own degree. Today my classmates and I have reached what I know is only one milestone in our lifelong pursuit of learning and personal and professional excellence. I look forward to seeing all of the goals my peers will set out to accomplish and achieve.”

—Charles Mann (BBA ’14), former Washington Redskins Defensive End; Chief Executive Officer, Charles Mann Enterprises

August 8
800 graduates at the Time Warner Arena, Charlotte NC

“Today is one moment in time. It’s what you do with this moment that I most look forward to seeing. You will define your passion, follow it, and demonstrate what you have learned along the way. You can do this because you already know what it takes to set a tremendous goal and accomplish it: with full-time jobs, families, community service and countless other commitments, you took on higher education.”

—Dr. Charlotte Beason, Chair, Strayer University Board of Trustees

More Chances to Celebrate

Strayer University will host two more regional ceremonies later this year at Norfolk Scope Arena in Norfolk, Va., on Oct. 24, and Royal Farms Arena in Baltimore, Md., on Dec. 5.

Staff and faculty can encourage students to participate in a regional commencement ceremony if they are within two courses of completing a degree program. Students may attend the regional ceremony that is most convenient for them and should register to attend a 2015 commencement ceremony at

For all other questions pertaining to commencement, email