Professional Development

Some people return to college because they want to prepare for a new career. However, if you have a career you already love, you might return to school because you've reached a limit for what you can do, and you want to do more.

Like other working adults pursuing higher education, your professional goals probably include one or more of these:

  • Improving your job performance
  • Commanding a higher salary
  • Earning a promotion
  • Contributing more to your company
  • Becoming an expert in your field

Here's how an education at Strayer University will support these goals and others for professional development.


Boost knowledge and skill set

Studying in an accredited academic program gives you the knowledge and practical experience you may be lacking. Further education brings you up-to-date with current technology and best practices in your field, providing a safe place to develop and hone your professional skills and putting you closer toward reaching your career goals.


Provide custom guidance

Throughout your education, you'll have access to career-focused resources, directly from Strayer University. From the very start, you'll be paired with a Success Coach, who will take a personal interest in your aspirations and help guide you along the way toward your goals. Online resources in the University Career Center, as well as other on-campus resources, will also be at your fingertips.


Connect with professionals

Your professional development is not limited to university courses. You'll meet numerous working professionals who will provide real-world advice about your field. Build relationships through networking opportunities during your time as a student and later as a graduate. Eventually, peers may come to you for advice as you become a voice of experience, and these moments will prove to be some of your first as a more developed professional.


Gain meaningful credentials

Your new degree or certification will tie together all of your newly attained knowledge, experiences, and professional contacts. Completing an education relevant to your field will capture your employer's attention, without which you may not be able to fully realize your goals. While a degree alone does not guarantee success, it does help graduates gain access to new opportunities of career development.

Whether it's for your first college degree or your next specialized credential, returning to school will provide you with the tools you need for professional development. Strayer University will help you get more from your career and your life.


You're ready for Strayer University.

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