Blended Learning

A Look at Blended Learning

Legions of active adults would love to receive an education that could help launch or advance their career. Many of these people also wonder how on earth they can attain a college degree while working full-time and/or raising a family.

Online college classes are ideal for when life's commitments are no longer conducive to full-time attendance in a traditional classroom setting. There are significant benefits, however, to supplementing online coursework with hands-on learning at a university campus. In fact, a blended learning model delivers an education that is greater than the sum of its parts.


What is Blended Learning?

Students enrolled in a blended learning program connect with professors both online and on campus. Online instruction grants students control over certain learning elements, such as the time of day, location, and pace of their studies. Brick-and-mortar lessons provide face-to-face interaction and supervision that enhances and reinforces a student's education.

Blended learning is special in that the online and on-campus mediums inform each other of an individual student's learning style. This provides an integrated and customized learning experience unique to each student. Indeed, the U.S. Department of Education identifies blended learning as the more effective instruction model compared to learning entirely online or exclusively face-to-face.

In some instances, students might view recorded lectures and reading material through an online course management system, and then attend a class on campus to put into practice what they've learned online. Alternatively, instructors might incorporate online learning components inside the classroom.


How Does Blended Learning Benefit You?

One undeniable benefit of blended learning is that it provides flexibility to accommodate a busy life and make education more attainable. Moreover, this model inherently reduces overhead costs, which offers universities the option to reallocate resources and make higher learning more affordable.

Students benefit when web technology fuels the innovation of learning tools, but they benefit more when the technology helps instructors adapt teaching methods to suit diverse learning styles. Highly personalized education improves each student’s motivation and academic engagement, which greatly increases potential for progress and success.


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