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You can finish your degree on campus or online with Strayer University. Whether you've taken just a few classes elsewhere or want to build from your associate to your bachelor's degree, we can help you save time and money by getting credit for the work you've done. Our transfer alliances with more than 460 colleges and universities mean more of your credits count toward your Strayer degree.

2 Easy Steps to Requesting Credit


For more information about transfer credit policies, please refer to the Strayer University Catalog.


Learn more in our Credit Transfer Guide or call us now at 1-888-311-0355

Certification And License

Through your professional or personal work, you may have earned a certification or license that can translate into college-level credit.

Strayer recognizes the value of certification and works to provide students the knowledge necessary (And discount vouchers to do so in many cases: https://www.xvoucher.com ) to obtain certifications.

The IT industry uses certification as a means of vetting potential IT professionals in the fields of computer networks, database management, network security, technical support, and more. Therefore a number of carefully chosen courses offered by the University have embedded IT certification training along with academic rigor in order to prepare students for getting certified. Certifications are the best way to independently validate a student’s skills and knowledge.

Speak with your Success Coach to find out what options are available.

Corporate Training And Military Experience

Corporate Training

Many organizations seek to improve the knowledge and abilities of their employees by providing corporate training, either through instructor-led classes or e-learning. Such sessions might be focused on giving employees the tools and skills necessary to perform a specific job function. Or, they might be broader in scope, like providing a management trainee program to prepare current employees to take on a leadership role in the future. The curriculum used in either or both of these formats may provide employees with exposure to college-level coursework, which may be transferable to your degree program at Strayer University.

If your training has been reviewed by the American Council on Education (ACE), request an ACE transcript or other documentation from your corporation. Although your corporation may be different, training history is most often maintained by the human resource or corporate training department. Transcripts must include course title, credit hours or CEUs, and proof of successful completion.

If your organization has an educational alliance with Strayer University, your internal training may have been evaluated for college credit, even if the training has not been reviewed by ACE. Your Success Coach can tell you if your employer is a member of Strayer University's alliance; see additional information on our corporate alliances.

Military Experience

Strayer University is proud to work with active and retired U.S. military personnel to recognize the credit you may have earned while serving our country. The experience you gained while in the military may be equivalent to college-level coursework. Learn more about Military Credit.

2 Easy Steps to Requesting Credit


For more information about credit for corporate training and military experience, please refer to the Strayer University Catalog.


Submit a copy of the license, certificate, or training provided by the granting organization to your Success Coach

Life Credit Portfolio

We think you deserve credit for your life learning. Document and submit your college-level learning through an online portfolio. We use the procedures of the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) to evaluate credit for undergraduate courses. Evaluations are done on a course-by-course basis. We evaluate knowledge that you have gained outside the college classroom for possible credit toward a degree. Students must meet at least 70% of the course learning objectives. Students must show the fulfillment of course outcomes and follow the portfolio development and assessment process.

Life Credit Portfolio Cost

Portfolio fee is $250.00 per course. Complete the Application Form and pay at your local campus business office.

Additional Life Credit Portfolio resources:

  • Use the Course Search feature below to find Life Credit Portfolio courses. Click on the course name for more details.
  • CAEL standards for evaluating a Life Credit Portfolio.

Supporting documentation you can submit as part of your portfolio might include:

  • Résumé, awards, computer code, videos or written narrative
  • Training or industry certificates and documentation
  • Supervisor verification written on company letterhead
  • Other appropriate forms of verified learning

4 Easy Steps to Submitting a Portfolio


For more information about credit for Life Credit Portfolio, please refer to the Strayer University Catalog.


Find a course to take and confirm eligibility with your Success Coach


Complete the Life Credit Portfolio Application Form and pay the fee at your campus business office


Wait for email confirmation with instructions

What's Next?

Credit for students that successfully pass a Life Credit Portfolio with a score of 70% or greater will be posted approximately 72 hours after portfolio submission.

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